Why are bed bugs difficult to treat?
are difficult to treat because they are natural hitch hikers in how they get around from place to place. Often times bed bugs are introduced to your residence or workplace without you ever realizing it. They will travel in book bags, purses, clothes & furniture. When dealing with bed bugs they don't care about sanitation, financial status or ethnicity.

Why are hotels notorious for bed bugs?
The only reason why bed bugs are an ongoing issue in hotels deals directly with the number of new guests that are always checking in/out of the rooms. Most national chains have a good working relationship with the exterminator & protocols in place to deal with any issues that may arise.

Are bed bugs only found in beds?
can be found in any type of bedding, furniture or clothing. Most bed bugs are typically found in beds because that is the closest place to the host(YOU)

Where do you service?
The Greater Rochester Area and Surrounding Suburbs

How can I prevent spiders from entering my home?
We recommend a complete exterior treatment 2X a year to control crawling & flying insects. See the exterior treatment tab under residential services on our website to see what is covered in our treatments.

How do I get rid of ants near my food?
We recommend when ants are found in a kitchen, pantry or around pet food dish is to clean the area really well & to store food products in air tight containers that will be limiting access to what they are going after as a food source.

Is there a certain month certain bugs are more likely to be an issue?
When dealing with insects & rodents in our area we tend to see seasonal increases based on the time of the year. In the Fall & Winter we see an increase in rodents(mice & rats) Spring & Summer months we see a seasonal increase in crawling & flying insects, ants, bees, spiders, stinkbugs, etc

Can my children and pets be home when you come?
It depends on the type of service that we are completing for you. If an interior application is made using more then gel baits its recommended that you vacate the property up to 4hrs. Again each situation is different. Exterior treatments do not require you to leave at all. Prior to beginning treatment we will let you know what exactly applies to your specific situation

Do I have to be home when you come to service?
It depends on the type of service that we are providing to you, talk with your contact to see what exactly applies to your specific situation

Is there going to be residue after treatment?
Yes there will be, it depends on the type of service we are providing,the type of materials needed to provide the most safe & effective service. Your technician will be able to answer any questions at the time of service.

When a client inquiry about a professional pest management service, many times the first question is how much the service will cost. However, no two homes or two pest problems are exactly alike nor are two pest control companies exactly the same.
At Rochester Pest Pro, we customize your treatment program based on the specific information found during the inspection process. Our professional pest control technicians will conduct a thorough 37-point inspection of your home and property and provide you with a detailed report outlining recommendations for elimination of the initial pest problem and prevention of future infestations. They will also point out areas that require your attention. This inspection helps us to provide you with an accurate price quote for the solution to your pest problem.

Inexperienced applications of over-the-counter pest control products are usually ineffective and can also be unsafe for pets, children and adults if used improperly. Also, most pests return unless you take steps to prevent them. In as little as 30 days, new infestations can develop.
The only effective way to eliminate and prevent new infestations is to use a reputable pest prevention company with an ongoing service plan, such as our Quarterly Maintenance Program.

By the time you make the decision to look into pest management services, you have most likely tried it yourself (over-the-counter treatments can kill some pests but are not as effective at providing continuous prevention from re-infestation) and found that most pests are relentless. Most homeowners also lack the time and expertise to handle specific pest situations that are encountered in and around the home or office.
At Rochester Pest Pro, our pest professionals are trained in the safe handling and proper application of pest treatments. Our entire team is educated and trained in the elimination of your specific pest problem and the prevention of its return.

Rochester Pest Pro's, first priority is the safety of our customers, as well as being good stewards of the environment. We take the time to develop a customized pest control program and use strategic targeting, which enables us to use the least amount of pest control product while providing superior results. All materials are EPA approved and all technicians are trained in the safe handling and application of all materials.