Exterior Treatments in Rochester, NY

Exterior spray treatment Rochester, NY/Exterior spray Rochester, NY

Over the last few years, we have noticed a large increase of new service calls for crawling & flying insects in people’s homes. Once treatment had been preformed these clients realized they should have implemented a seasonal maintenance program. 95% of our customers use us year after year, they only need to call us once. We solve the problem the first time. Rochester Pest Pro is offering a complete exterior treatment program. 

Seasonal Exterior Treatment Package Includes:

  • 2 treatment a year, one treatment in the spring & one treatment in the fall
  • Exterior treatment consists of treating the complete exterior around windows, doors, eves, overhangs, foundations & any other potential hotspots for crawling & flying insects.
  • Coverage for ants, bees, wasps, stink bugs, boxelder bugs, spiders
  • Each treatment is effective for 3 months & includes a total of 2 extra service call backs for areas previously treated (you won’t need them)

*price is based on SQ FT of property being treated
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